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Who Are We?

SeekerWorks Inc. is a Minnesota corporation based in Big Lake, Minnesota. We provide Church Management software and hardware solutions to churches and non-profit organizations in the United States and Internationally, as well as Accounting and software development services on a contract basis.

Daniel Wennblom, the Developer and President of SeekerWorks Inc., has been developing Accounting, business and non-profit software since 1985, mostly for national and international Fortune 500/1000 clients. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree with a double-major in Computer Science and Accounting from Minnesota State University - Moorhead, MN (a/k/a Moorhead State University).

The SeekerWorks™ Project Mission:

"to provide excellent, easy-to-use software, web and other information technology services that free up organizations to reach spiritually seeking people"

SeekerWorks™ began with Community Church of the Rockies (CCR) in Colorado Springs, CO in 2001. It has expanded a lot since then with Daniel's experience as its Volunteer Resources Director, a Small Group Leader, Coach and Director, as well as a Church Elder and Treasurer. With strong encouragement from CCR and other churches, SeekerWorks™ has become a superior product. It is our hope it will in fact free you up to reach those who need Christ.