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SeekerWorks™ Software

SeekerWorks™ is a church-tested, pastor-approved church management software solution for your church or non-profit organization. SeekerWorksPLU$™ takes it a step further by adding all of the non-profit, fund accounting features you need to survive. Try our SeekerWorks.NET™ web version at, or Download your choice to your Windows® computer. All choices are FREE for up to 30 days!   Learn more »

Keep Your Visitors

Make sure your guests don't fall through the cracks with Onboarding and Follow Up (Tickler) features.

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Manage Gifts/Pledges

Record multi-currency gifts and pledges by fund for each Giving Unit. Print Giving Statements, Pledge Confirmations, etc.

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Secure your children's ministry areas by making sure only those authorized to pick up the kiddos will be able to. Save time and avoid lines.

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Lead Your Small Groups

Easily keep track of who is in each group, when/where it meets, what they're studying, etc.

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Track Attendance

Keep Attendance totals per service or by person per service, small group or class/seminar!

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Schedule Volunteers

Know who is scheduled to volunteer in every ministry and position on each ministry team, and when to expect them.

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Picture Directories

Print or create a .PDF of families or individual pictures for your attendees in a booklet format automatically!

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Organize Pastoral Care

Document each pastoral care event and schedule follow ups for further care. Secure confidential information while storing your notes electronically.

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The Works!

Quickly access phone numbers and email addresses. View or print ready-to-use reports or labels. Track classes, seminars, spiritual gifts, prayer requests and more!

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People are your greatest assets. Manage them well.