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SeekerWorks.NET™ Church Management Software

Simplify your church management and enhance engagement with our all-in-one, church-tested & pastor-approved church management solution. SeekerWorks.NET™ is web-based and accessible from any device with an internet connection, enabling you to access your data anytime, anywhere.

With two websites included you can efficiently manage and engage your church community:

  1. is for your staff and volunteers - Go »
  2. {subdomain} is your Attendee portal ('cccartoonville' is the subdomain in this example) - Go »

Sign up for a free 30-day trial » and experience firsthand how our software can reduce your workload.

SeekerWorks.NET™ ensures data security through encryption, anti-forgery measures and OAuth2 protocols. With fast, easy, user-friendly & intuitive screens we'll help you simplify many of your administrative needs, and empower you to customize your portal for your attendees.

People are your greatest assets. Manage them well.

Unlock their giftedness & help them grow.
Diagram showing Guests and Seekers becoming Regulars, who become Members, who become Leaders

Experience the power and convenience of SeekerWorks.NET™ Church Management Software and take your church management to new heights. It's time to streamline your processes, engage your community, and focus on what truly matters - serving your congregation. Rely on SeekerWorks.NET™ to get it done (currently priced at $40/month per Organization):

Church Management Software from SeekerWorks Inc.-- You'll Wonder How You 'Managed' Without It!