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Ongoing Support

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With SeekerWorks Church Management Software, you're essentially getting the benefit of two sites in one. We refer to it as our Dual-Solutions Platform. In simple terms, you have two main sites:

  1. SeekerWorks.Net

    The first is a user-friendly backend system for your day-to-day church management needs. It's designed to be intuitive and easy for your administration team and volunteers to navigate.

  2. {subdomain}.SeekerWorks.Org

    On top of SeekerWorks.Net, you also have the visitor/attendee-facing platform. Think of it like a website that is designed specifically for your organization. Your visitors, seekers and attendees can find specific information, sign up for events, give online, and stay updated on what's coming up next. It's essentially a central hub / online portal for engagement and interaction tailored to your church needs.

Guidance And Support At Every Turn: SeekerWorks Puts You First

Once you choose SeekerWorks, you're never left to navigate things on your own. Our commitment to your success means that we're with you every step of the way.

Whether you need guidance in getting started, or ongoing support as you delve into the platform, we're here to assist whenever you need it. Our team is dedicated to ensuring you make the most of your SeekerWorks experience, providing the capabilities and resources to help you thrive.

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